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L ove for God and people. 
I  ntimate and authentic relationship with God. 
F resh view of what church is about. 
E ternal perspective on life through relevant Biblical teaching. 


Explanation of Our Ministry Model

Since Los Alamos is known as the “Atomic City” and “Where Discoveries are Made”, we used our God-given creative talent to design a model that shows how our ministries work together to create the “Church” Atom.


NBF has three primary components that encompass all ministries: 
Evangelism, Discipleship, and 
Community Involvement.


There are six main ministries:
Men, Women, Children, Youth, Young Adult, and Senior Adult


These ministries focus on four key elements that make up our core:
Worship, Prayer, Teaching, and Fellowship


Our nucleus is the celebration of what God is doing in our lives and ministries.

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